COVID-19 Update / Back to Business

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Dear Alaskan neighbors, friends and visitors,

We hope you are doing well and staying healthy. Welcome to Whittier Alaska, the western gateway to Prince William Sound. Located just 63 miles south of Anchorage, the small community of Whittier is home to 200 residents. Tourism, fishing, and freight are the main economic drivers for this seaside town. Tourism brings thousands of visitors and Alaska residents to Whittier annually. Please download a copy of the 2020 Greater Whittier Chamber of Commerce map (PDF)HEREwhich includes the tunnel schedule and more information on member businesses.

The 2020 tourism season is beginning to ease back into operations as hotels, restaurants, and tour operators apply the local and state mandates necessary to allow their business to resume. The local mandates for Whittier can be found and for the State of Alaska here:

Please help keep our small community healthy by following the CDC guidelines to prevent spreading the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Each type of business in Whittier will have different requirements in order to operate. We kindly ask that all visitors follow the signage posted indicating the protocols and procedures in place so that our small community and business members can continue to operate in a manner that helps control the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

To access Whittier, all rail and vehicle traffic share access through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel which operates on a strict schedule alternating the direction of travel every 30 minutes. More details about the tunnel can be found HERE

All visitors to Whittier should keep in mind, you “Have to be there (at the tunnel) on the Half Hour” heading to Whittier. The tunnel will be open from 5:30 AM going to Whittier and then the tunnel is open on the hour for guests departing Whittier until the last opening at 11:00 PM.

One of the highlights visitors will enjoy when they come to Whittier is the quaint size of the town with a seaside boardwalk, locally owned restaurants and gift shops, and a fantastic museum detailing the history of Prince William Sound – all within 1/2 mile any direction you walk. Visitors who want to explore the pristine waters of Prince William Sound will find that Whittier has many opportunities from glacier and wildlife cruises, to sea kayaking, jet ski tours, guided sea kayaking tours, fishing charters and more!

Whether you spend an hour, the day, or stay overnight, Whittier is pure Alaskan! We like to say, “It’s prettier in Whittier” and there is “no such thing as bad weather” only bad clothing. So, grab your all-weather gear to be ready for any condition and let the adventure begin!

To start planning your adventure, visit our website at The following list of Greater Whittier Chamber of Commerce business members who are operating with modified hours or delayed start dates was updated on May 20, 2020. For current updates, please contact the business member directly. We look forward to seeing you soon!