Whittier Parking and Camping

Whittier Parking and Camping offers supervised vehicle and trailer-vessel parking and a separate campground facility in the heart of Whittier, Alaska. Our friendly staff monitors operations during extended business hours, 7 days a week, during Spring, Summer, and Fall– usually from Mid-April to late October.

We are found across the railroad tracks along Whittier Street, a short walk south of the local small boat harbor, private marina, and cruise ship dock facilities. From the upper creek and campground visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of Whittier Creek, Maynard Mountain, Whittier Harbor, and Passage Canal. Cruise ships visit Whittier one to two times each week from May to September.

We work cooperatively with the Whittier Harbor to minimize congestion at the harbor launch ramp and maximize your time for recreation and relaxation in our beautiful surroundings. Parking and camping options are available at reasonable rates to support visitors who recreate in Western Prince William Sound equally. Our employees will work cooperatively with all quest so they can take the best advantage of our facilities and services but we reserve the right in unusual circumstances to refuse service to anyone.

While we provide regular monitoring of vehicles and vessels, owners are reminded that we cannot be responsible for any losses to person or property resulting from the use of vehicles, vessels, or our facilities. Please lock your vehicles and do not display valuable items where others might see them. We urge all users to apply common sense in all their activities on the property and ask that vehicles be removed by early October at least.

Whittier Street, across rail tracks
Whittier, Alaska

Website: whittierparking.com

Phone: (907) 472-2670

Email: whittierparkingcamping@gmail.com

Operating Schedule: May – October